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    The College is encouraging the sports activities amoung the students by providing the infrastructure, coaching facilities, fee concession, free ship, attendance concession ( as per university provisions),and priority in admission to State Govt. policy at the management level. The SISTK Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis and Chess teams has won many prizes.

Sports Facilities Available In Siddharth Institute Of Science And Technology To Develop The Fitness and Concentration Level of The Students

Sports List
Volley Ball Court
Basket Ball Court
Shettle Court
Kabaddi Court
Throw Ball Court
Hand Ball Court
Ball Badminton Court
Tennis Court

National Service Scheme:

    The NSS is one of the best unit provided by the college. The college has adopted one of the villages close to the campus and is striving for an all-round development by Techno-Innovations, such as manufacture of low-cost solid bricks and etc.