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    A library is the soul of every academic institution. SISTK, Puttur was started with great care to see that the library would be one of the finest libraries of technology and management in Puttur. SISTK has plans for the library to grow steady and uncompromisingly in the means of its resources, facilities and services. Today, the central library of SISTK, Puttur is a modern and digitalized library having library software with facilities for searching the collection of almost all the types of documents available in various medias in the field of Engineering, Technology and Management.

     The central library of SISTK has a OPAC aided Extravagant Digital Library outfitted with abundant Digital books and e-journals. The Library also holds a rich collection of books and journals amounting to 6000 volumes, which cover a broad range of subjects including the humanities, social sciences, management, but mainly focuses on science, and engineering and technology.

     The library has a comprehensive operating system with a variety of sources: students may find information through the online database and the network resources. The library also has a large collection of CDS, Audio and Video tapes on technical and general subjects to improve the teaching learning process. You can also search for e-journals using our Digital Library.

     The Central Library has also subscribed to e-resources of IEEE / IEL through INDEST-AICTE Consortium. Through this subscription the institute can access Online 950,000 documents from over 12,000 publications, includes 120 journals (International), transactions, magazines, conference proceedings, IEEE standards. This covers almost one third of the world's current electrical engineering and computer science literature.

Working Hours:

     Monday to Saturday : 9.00 A.M. to 7.00 P.M.

     Sundays & Holidays : 9.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M.


     OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue services)

     Digital Library Services

     Circulation Services

     Inter Library Loan Service

     E-Journals Access

     Anna University Question Bank

     Newspaper clipping service


     Reading Section

     Binding Section

     Circulation Section

     Stack area

     Reference Section

     Periodical Section

     Acquisition Section

     Technical Section

Rules And Regulations:

     Slience should be strictly observed inside the Library.

     Personal belongings should be kept at the entrance and students are

     not allowed inside the library with overcoat.

     Students should scan their ID cards while entering library.

     Students are eligible to borrow only two books at a time from the library. They shall keep the books for a maximum of 14 days.

     An overdue charges of Re.1/- per day is charged for a book kept beyond the due date. Books on loan cannot be renewed for a further period.

     Students should desist from soiling the chairs and tables with their footwear mark. Students are allowed to take only loose sheets of paper with them inside the library for writing purpose.

     Writing or underlining in a book or tampering of a book in any manner is strictly prohibited. If any library book is lost, the borrower should replace the lost one by a new book. If she/he is not able to make a replacement, then double the original cost of the book will be recovered from the borrower.

     Reference Books, Magazines, Journals and dailies should not be taken out of the library. Students will not be permitted inside the library during class hours. Students who leave the college for any reason in the middle of the course should return the books and obtain "No Due" certificate from the Librarian before the leave. Those who violate the above rules will be liable for disciplinary action.