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National innovation and start-up policy


 Sidddartha Institute of Science and Technology has initiated the efforts for implementing the National innovation and start-up policy (NISP) under the aegis of the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC). The policy aims at promoting innovation and start-up culture among the students and faculty of Higher Educational Institutes.

Short Term Objectives

  • To improve and enhance innovation, creative and design thinking among faculty, staff, and student community.
  • To promote awareness regarding I&E activities and NISP/IISP to stakeholders to rip the benefit of the policy.
  • To nurture and help student groups to develop prototype of their innovative ideas.
  • To provide pre-incubation and incubation facility to faculty/student/staff/alumni driven start-ups.
  • To organize webinar, FDP, seminars and workshops for students, faculty and alumni, and promote innovation and entrepreneurship culture in the institute.
  • Strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the institute by providing IPR awareness and protection facility, industry institute interaction.
  • To produce graduates and post-graduate startups from the institute who can make change in the society through their innovation.
  • To comply with the envisioned NISP framework and satisfy the key performance indicators set MIC.
  • Long Term Objectives

  • Establish a state of art Incubation Centre and infrastructure to facilitate I&E activities in the institute and in the NER. Provide platform for faculty, students, and alumni to develop innovative products with global recognition and generate business opportunities.
  • Strategic association with DST, CII, MSME and other premium institutions for me mentoring and collaboration in building a good facility for I&E activities.
  • Improve quality of research work among students related to I&E and to obtain IPR/patent for commercial transfer of technology.
  • To make the incubation infrastructure self-sufficient and self-sustainable
  • In Progress