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   The Governing Body is the highest approving authority that monitors the functioning and progress of the institution and suggests activities for the growth and overall development of the institution. It also aims at giving desired shape to the institution to meet the highest standards in the field of technical education.

    The Governing Body of the institution has been constituted as per the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi, India, guidelines for autonomous institutions during the eleventh plan period (2007-2012).

   The main objective of the Governing Body is to ensure transparent and effective governance in building and developing the institution, taking the confidence of stakeholders. Jaya Educational Society, the sponsoring academy of the institution, in one of its executive meetings resolved to have an eminent educationist as the chairman of the Governing Body, even though the UGC empowers the president of the society as the chairman of Governing Body. The Jaya Educational Society felt that under the stewardship of an eminent personality with highly focused and concerted ideas in the field of education can definitely build the institution for the future. As per the UGC guidelines, five members of the Jaya Educational Society will represent in the Governing Body.


     1. Guide the college while fulfilling the objectives for which the college has been granted autonomous status

     2. Institute scholarships, fellowships, studentships, medals, prizes and certificates on the recommendations of the Academic Council

     3. Approve new programmes of study leading to degrees and/or diplomas.

     4. All recruitments of Teaching Faculty/Principal shall be made by the Governing Body/state government as applicable in accordance with the policies laid down by the UGC and State Government from time to time.

     5. To approve annual budget of the college before submitting the same at the UGC.

     6. Perform such other functions and institute committees, as may be necessary and deemed fit for the proper development of the college

Composition of Governing Body

    The Governing Body is constituted as per the Guidelines of the UGC. The Governing Body will be reconstituted every two years except in the case of UGC nominee who will have term of Six Years.