IC Applications & Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab:


Pulse and Digital Circuits lab is an extension to the Electronic Devices and Circuits lab, and is used to test the working performance of different digital circuits and oscillators using CROs (Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes). IC Applications lab is also equipped with hardware kits and mainly focuses on types of ICs used in electronic circuits and their functioning. In this lab students will observe the responses of different circuits using different ICs.


Electronic Circuit Analysis Lab:


In this lab, all the computers are installed specifically with the modelsim software. The students get trained in developing electronic circuits using modelsim and simulate (run) them. And they can directly observe the responses of different circuits by simulating.



Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab


This is the basic laboratory for the ECE students and in this lab students get the information regarding the basic resistors, transistors. This laboratory trains the students in working with different amplifiers and oscillators. It provides a good foundation on electrical and electronic components to the students in the nascent years.



Microwave and Optical Communications Lab:


Associated with the microwave components and Optical fiber communication, this lab trains the students in operating of different microwave components like Attenuators, Directional couplers, etc. This lab also focuses on the working of optical fibers and their performance.



Communications Lab:


Analog Communications lab is completely equipped with the hardware kits. This lab provides the information about the different types of modulators and demodulators used and types of techniques used for the processing of the analog (continuous) signals. Digital Communications lab trains the students in different techniques used for the processing and communication of digital (discrete) signals and the type of circuits used for modulating and demodulating the digital signals.



Digital Signal Processing Lab:


This lab is equipped with computers which have MATLAB 7.1 version installed in them. In this lab, students mainly focus on designing and developing different types of filters. This lab is also useful to compute the transformations such as DFT, FFT of the signals.





The main objective of this lab is to provide an overview of the schematic and layout parasitic extraction of basic circuits like Inverter,NAND,NOR etc., It also deals with implementing various sequential and combinational circuits in Verilog and VHDL.



Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab:


This lab gives the idea of microprocessors like 8085, 8086 to the students. In this lab, the students are trained to write the programs for different manipulations with the microprocessors using TASM. This lab is also useful for the students to know the interfacing of the microprocessors to different applications like display, rotating motors, etc.