The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) is an evergreen domain that serves the needs of the society starting from the basic home appliances to the highly sophisticated Medical devices; terrestrial and extra terrestrial communication systems like Telephones, Cellular phones, Television, Fiber Optic Communication system, RADAR and Satellite Communication system. The sub domain technologies like VLSI, Embedded systems, Signal and Image processing, Sensors and Transducers and Computer Networks find wide scope in the areas of Defence technology, Consumer electronics and Internet of Things (IoT).


The vision of the department is to produce innovative, creative and ethical engineers who can address the global challenges and excel at an International level to lay the groundwork in shaping the future in the fields of electronics and communication engineering.


Endeavour for constant upgradation of technical expertise for producing competent electronic professionals to cater the needs of the society and to meet the global challenges.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: Students will be able to attain a solid foundation in Electronics and Communication Engineering fundamentals and to function professionally in a rapid changing world.

PEO2: To be in a position to the analyze real life problems, design socially accepted and economically feasible solutions in the field of electronics.

PEO3: To exhibit good communication skills, ethical and social values in their professional career, lead a team with good leadership qualities.